Please familarize yourself with the Rules, Regulations and Etiquette of COJGA

Basic COJGA Rules and Rules of Golf

  1. Arrive at tee 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Arrive at course 45 minutes early! Tee times and volunteer assignments are posted on the website by ​Friday evening prior to the event. Click on the "Tee Times" tab.
  2. Declare the ball you are using. Have plenty of balls, tees, ball markers, pencils and a green repair tool.
  3. Play “Ready” golf.
  4. You may not change balls during a hole unless ball is lost or in an unplayable condition.
  5. You must putt out and CONTINUOUS putting should be in play whenever possible.
  6. Rake bunker.
  7. Replace all divots in fairway and repair all ball marks left on the green (yours plus one more).
  8. Someone must attend flag or it must be pulled when putting. Usually the person with the ball closest to the pin has this duty.
  9. Grounding club in a sand trap is a penalty.
  10. Electric carts are not allowed unless approve by COJGA directors.
  11. Mark your ball properly. Coin like object goes behind the ball - away from the hole. Then you may pick up your ball.
  12. Stomping down grass or irregularities behind the ball, to improve your lie, is a two-stroke penalty.
  13. Keep shirts tucked in at all times. You will receive one warning and then there is a one-stroke penalty. Wear hat with bill always forward. No jeans or cut-offs are allowed.
  14. Absolutely NO CURSING or FOUL LANGUAGE. NO CELL PHONES OF TEXTING! First warning you’ll be assessed a one-stroke penalty. A second offense will cause a disqualification.
  15. Mind your manners. We are guest at each club. Watch your temper. No heckling, club throwing or cheating. These actions are grounds for disqualification.
  16. You are expected to keep pace with the group in front of you at all times.
  17. USGA rules govern play. Know the rules of golf. View the USGA Rules »

Parent Volunteer Policy

The parent of a member (or an adult representative of the parent) is required to volunteer for at least one event in any series in which the member has registered to play. We use 60 to 70 volunteers per event.

Key Points for Walking Scorers

Encourage sportsmanship, self-control, proper golf etiquette, Ready golf, and enjoy the golfers.

RULINGS: If a player has a question regarding a ruling, he or she should play a second ball under USGA rule 3-3. They shall hole out with each ball. Check with a next available marshal or obtain a ruling upon completion of the round. Scorers are not authorized to make rulings.

HOLE-BY-HOLE SCORING: Leave the green area and then make sure there is agreement on all scores. Upon conclusion of the round, recheck all cards, upon agreement, players shall sign their card and turn it in to the tally keepers. Players shall not leave the course until this is completed.

CONDUCT: As a volunteer scorer, you are requested to report any rules or conduct violation, on the part of any player in your group, to the COJGA Tournament Director. WE WANT TO KNOW AND NEED TO KNOW of any violation in order to maintain the integrity of golf.

Thank you for you assistance. COJGA Board of Directors and Tournament Director.