What you should know about COJGA Membership

Please read this page carefully and save it for further reference.

COJGA is a tournament program. We do not offer instruction.

You should be reading the COJGA webpage on a regular basis (I suggest daily) for updates, forms, tee times, results and other news about COJGA.

You are expected to know the rules of golf. That includes pace of play, etiquette, specific COJGA requirements, and USGA rules. You’ll find all this information on the webpage at www.cojga.com. COJGA rules and USGA rules are linked near the bottom of the homepage.

Entry forms and volunteer forms will be posted on the webpage about three weeks before the first tournament of each series. There will be a June Series (series I), a July series (series II) and an August series (Series III). Make sure your age and division information is included on both forms. You are either ADVANCED or NOVICE (12 years and up) or ADVANCED or SHORT COURSE (9-11).

Parents or their representative are asked to volunteer at least once during any series in which you are playing. We use 60 to 70 volunteers to conduct each event. Some of the volunteer jobs which need to be filled are: walking scorer (35-40), Check in desk (3-6), Shuttle drivers (10-16), Tally Scorer (review scorecards following play) (8-12), and Starter (1-2), Marshals (4-6). COJGA Board Members act as starters and marshals. Spectators are allowed on the course as long as they follow the Spectator Policy.

Entry into each series is determined by first signed up through the online sign-up. Once the registration opens you may sign up for all events in that series.

You will find your tee times and volunteer assignments for your parent (or other representative) on the webpage under the “Tee Times and Volunteer assignments” tab at the top of the home page. You should check them daily, since they are subject to change up until the day of the tournament.

Awards are presented following play each event and Results will be published on the webpage within one day of the tournament.

Call Neil Pedersen, COJGA President at (541)480-6288 or E-mail him at cojgagolf@gmail.com, If you need more information or have questions.