Dear Central Oregon Junior Golfers and Parents:


Summer is fast approaching and it's time to start planning your COJGA tournament golf schedule.  On behalf of the Central Oregon Junior Golf Association Board of Directors, I would like to personally invite you to join us for another exciting season of junior golf! 

Considerations for the 2016 summer golf season.

Registration OPENS April 1st. COJGA uses online registration and event sign-up. Starting on April 1styou will go to our website and click on the “Registration” tab near the lower right corner. From there it will take you to an instruction page which will provide a link to our registration page. Returning members will use last year’s email to register. New families will register by a parent setting up an account using their email as a user name. Once in, the parents will fill out the information and then register each child they wish to have in the program. Payment will be done via credit card payment at the end of the process. You will get email confirmation once your account has been approved. For the rest of season you will use this account to register online for events.

 Event Sign-up.  All event sign-ups occur online and will open beginning on June 1st. Once you have registered into the program that user ID (email) will get you into the system to register for events. The format for the events will be the same as the main registration, making it simple and easy to use. Each Series of events will have an opening date that is marked on the sign-up page. As well with our registration system we will have the ability to send emails from the user accounts registered and we will send emails notifying you of when sign-ups will open.

Registration Limit and Field Size Due to the growth of the program over the past several years we are reaching capacity levels for the program. To be able to adequately provide the same quality and opportunity for everyone we have limited the number of players that can register to the first 325 players ages 6-17. At the top of the registration page it gives a current number of spots available. As well as limiting the number of registrations, field sizes will also be given to each event listed at the top of the page. The average event will be approximately 132 players with some events reduced even more. Again it will be a first player to register online will be secured a spot. This will mean as soon as registration and events have opened you will need to register as soon as possible to ensure your child can play.

The year-end Tournament now COJGA Cup will again be an invitation based tournament. Invitations will be based upon participation in a minimum of TWO regular season tournaments, points earned and scoring average.  For long standing COJGA members 16 and older, the Board reserves the right to invite members who may have only participated in ONE tournament.

The year-end banquet will be held on Sunday August 14 – all members and their families are encouraged to attend. 

Each COJGA family will be expected to provide a volunteer at ONE EVENT PER SERIES that a player participates in throughout the season. Volunteer assignments include: check-in, walking scorer, shuttle cart drivers, scoreboard and others.  Since we are a volunteer organization, our parents and family members will continue to be a very important part of our success. To sign-up for volunteer assignments, parents will go to the “job sign-up” tab found with each events sign-up page. There it will give a list of assignments and parents will mark the box provided for the job they wish to do. If you are signing someone other than yourself up, just add this information to the pop up box that asks for addition information.

Scholarship Funds - If for any reason you require funds to assist with any COJGA registration or event fees, scholarship funds have graciously been made available by our sponsors.  For information on how to take advantage of our scholarship program please contact me directly (see cell number below).

COJGA Program Changes-The Board of Directors has made one new change to the program in 2016 based on the need to improve the financial stability of the program.

 The first change is a restructuring of our major sponsors. We will change to offering three levels of sponsorship; Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Gold level sponsors donate $2500 and will have their logo on the website and will have two large banners on the 1st and 10th tee of all COJGA events. Silver level sponsors donate $1000 and will have their logo on the website and will have two small banners one the 1st and 10th tee of all COJGA events. Bronze level sponsors donate $500 and will have their logo on the website and will have one small banner on the 1st or 10th tee of all COJGA events.

Donations - Finally, the strength of our organization and our ability to continue providing a high quality opportunity for all our members relies in part on the generosity of our members. Each year, through the membership application process, a high percentage of our members donate small amounts that collectively are a meaningful funding source for COJGA. The 2016operating plan anticipates over $45,000 in expenditures of which approximately $12,000 is funded by donations. The balance is funded by participation fees.  We encourage you to consider a tax-deductible donation to COJGA.  The registration form has added a check box section to the check-out page to make donations any amount would be greatly appreciated.

This is your chance to be a part of one of the best junior golf organizations in the Pacific Northwest and possibly the best regional program in the country so we hope you will join us for another exciting year of junior golf in Central Oregon!




Neil Pedersen

President, COJGA

(541) 480-6288