Age groupings - regular competition

6-8 (boys and girls) 3- 5 hole events at Awbrey Glen

9 - 11 (boys and girls divisions) upper tees or short course depending on ability
12 - 13 (boys)
14 - 15 (boys)
12 - 17 novice (boys and girls divisions)
16 - 17* (boys division)
12-14 (girls varsity division)
15-17 (girls varsity division)

* Any graduating high school senior, who meets other COJGA qualifying criteria, is eligible to compete for the entire COJGA season, regardless of age.

Qualifying for COJGA competition

Any player who competed in the regular COJGA competition in the previous season is exempt from further qualification requirements.

Any high school varsity or junior varsity player may have their coach issue a letter to COJGA confirming that they were a member of the team. The letter should include the players average score for the season.

Other newcomers to the program must attend the pre-season qualifier or have an official GHIN handicap with an index of 30.0 or less.

Annual Joining Fee

$75 is the regular annual fee for the first INDIVIDUAL membership.
$30 is the regular annual fee for each additional player(s) membership.
$15 is the regular annual fee for an membership for the 6-8 year old program. (included in family membership)
Scholarships are available.


Loop events- Three events

Series I - Two events
Series II - Two events
Series III - Three events

Tournament of Champions ( invitational, based on scoring average and points earned during regular season)

Note: Some events may not include all categories of competition or every age group.

Rules test

Each player is required to complete an open book rules test prior to playing his or her first event. We encourage the parents to work with the player on the exam, in order to familiarize themselves with the rules of golf.

Registration and release forms

A registration and medical/liability release form will be online. These forms will become available on the website beginning April 1 under the "Registration" ab.

Volunteer information

The parent (or representative) is expected to volunteer at least once each series in which the member participates. We use about 6 volunteers each event. If two players from a family are playing in COJGA events, then we need assistance at two events each series.

Financial assistance

If you need financial assistance, call Neil Pedersen 541-480-6288 and inquire into the COJGA scholarship program.